Stambridge Security is transitioning to Stambridge Group. Our goal is to provide services for all shows, events and commercial premises. Our management solutions will help with the running of businesses, organisations and the public sector.

This site is under construction. Please visit for more information.

Stambridge Security provides unique, modern and customer focussed security services, covering over 60 events and locations across the UK. With the resources and staff available to cover almost any type of job, we are here to protect your property, secure your events and provide you with the peace of mind that your goods and services are safe.

From window cleaning, to pest control, to janitorial duties, Stambridge can provide top of the range facility management to keep your building in fine working order.

With a centre located here in the UK, Stambridge is committed to providing excellent security training and facilities for effective career advancement. Covering courses including CCTV training, Door Supervision, and First Aid, we pride ourselves on providing the most in- depth and expert training sessions that we can.

Your one stop shop for all your security equipment needs. As security experts, Stambridge are well aware of the different kinds of tools needed to provide good service, and have them ready and waiting to be shipped out. Embroidery services are available on request.

We also provide top quality vehicles for private hire, letting you get to your destination stress-free and in complete comfort. Wherever you need to be, Stambridge is here to make sure that you are satisfied with your journey 100%.

If you’re running an event and need top quality first-aiders on hand, Stambridge can provide. With expert staff trained to handle any kind of emergency situation, our private medical services are here to give you peace of mind and the highest quality of care.