Door Supervisor

To become a door supervisor you need will need proper training and a good understanding of security practices in order to apply for a license issued by the S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority). These courses involve both classroom learning and passing multiple-choice exams.

Front Line License

This is the necessary qualification you would require if you are looking to obtain a license issued by the S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority). The license is only for front line staff but will act as a stepping stone for you to work as a fully qualified security officer.

You will need to take four training modules and three exams over a minimum of four days, completing 45 hours of instruction. It is necessary to complete assessments for each module as well as passing the exam. Our expert instructors will guide you through the course materials and also, give you the confidence you need to pass and start a career in the security industry.

The course is designed to develop your understanding, knowledge and abilities so that you can provide a professional level of service as a door supervisor.

Class sizes are limited to ensure you get the best training possible.

You can take the qualification if you are over 16 but cannot obtain your S.I.A. license until you reach 18 years of age.

Course Content

Common Security Industry Knowledge

Upon completion of the course, you will have learned about several key topics, such as:

  1. The Main Features of the Private Security Industry.
  2. Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry.
  3. Health & Safety for the Private Security Operative.
  4. Fire Safety Awareness.
  5. Emergency Procedures.
  6. Communication Skills and also Customer Care.

Assessment of this unit is by a 40 minute, 25 question multiple-choice exam. A minimum score of 18/25 is required to pass.

Door Supervisor Specialist Module

Standard security procedures, for example:

  1. Behavioural Standards.
  2. Civil and Criminal Law.
  3. Searching.
  4. Arrest.
  5. Drugs Awareness.
  6. Recording Incidents in addition to Crime Preservation.
  7. Licensing Law.
  8. Emergency Procedures.
  9. Dealing with Vulnerable Individuals.
  10. Dealing with Queues and Crowds.

Assessment of this unit is by a 60 minute, 40 question multiple-choice exam. A minimum score of 28/40 is required to pass.

Conflict Management Module

Covering areas such as:

  1. Avoiding Conflict as well as Reducing Personal Risk.
  2. Defusing Conflict.
  3. Resolving and Learning from Conflict.
  4. Application of Communication Skills and also Conflict Management for Door Supervisors.

Assessment of this unit is by a 40 minute, 25 question multiple-choice exam. The minimum required score is 18/25 to pass.

Physical Intervention Skills Module

How to diffuse situations, for instance:

  1. Introduction to Physical Skills.
  2. Disengagement Techniques.
  3. Escorting Techniques.
  4. Legal and also Professional Implications.

Practical assessment as well as a test makes up this unit.