Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion of a diverse range of candidates for employment within the company is of the utmost importance to us when recruiting staff. We ensure there are opportunities available at all levels made accessible to all.

Policies For Recruiting Staff

Increasing Accessibility 

To combat issues of accessibility Stambridge Group centralises posts for vacancies on a webpage dedicated to recruitment. Furthermore, with a focus on targeting applicants of a variety of levels of experience and expertise, we make opportunities easily accessible, and also available nationwide.

Many resources for different networking tools and online platforms link us to communities with people searching for jobs. We have steps in place which ensure inclusion of a diverse range of candidates when recruiting staff.

To engage with the general public and underrepresented populations, a strong partnership with major multimedia organisations helps us with our commitment to diversity, as well as equality within the company.

Unique Career Opportunities

Distribution of job opportunities through social media channels helps to increase awareness of the careers that are available within the company. 

Also, we will constantly review the methods we employ of interacting with parties interested in the work we do. There is a strong emphasis placed on strategically increasing the size of the audience we reach. We accomplish this by utilising the latest technologies, which in turn, helps to create new job openings within the company.

Accountability & Progression

At Stambridge Group we have systems in place to help propel candidates through the application process. These include processes such as regular candidate-review timelines. Our flexible approach encourages and provides means of pivoting candidates to alternative open roles where appropriate.

Being a leader in the industry we ensure that there are diverse faces from all backgrounds at Stambridge Group. Having vocal champions for equality within top leadership positions is something we a very proud of.

Stambridge Group Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Door Supervision and Security Guarding.