Recruiting staff of the highest quality is of great importance to us in order to keep us in line with our commitment to providing excellent customer service. Our custom-built software allows candidates to easily make their application, complete background checks, and also obtain character references.

Stambridge Recruitment

Recruiting Staff

We are always looking for top-quality staff to work with us. There are a wide range of career opportunities available at Stambridge Group across many sectors of work across the UK.

We employ people from a variety of backgrounds and are continually looking to add new members of staff to our team.

Career Opportunities

We currently have positions open in areas of work such as:

  1. Security
  2. Stewarding
  3. Facilities Management
  4. Medical Services
  5. Training

Our Recruitment Software

Going through the process of applying for jobs can often be a lengthy and tiresome affair. We have built bespoke software and applications that make recruitment of staff convenient and also efficient for both parties.

To begin, applicants for jobs with Stambridge Group receive full instructions on requirements for completing each stage of there application. The successful completion of every step is recorded on our system, and then, a notification for proceeding to the next stage is sent automatically to each candidate.

Forms for the application, including the potential employees' references and also for background checks, are all available online and are provided through our fully automated system.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion of a diverse range of candidates for employment within the company is of the utmost importance to us when recruiting staff. We ensure there are opportunities available at all levels made accessible to all.

Diversity & Inclusion

Recruitment & Vetting

The recruitment procedures at Stambridge Group ensure the process is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and that advertising is made widely accessible in a range of different formats. We provide job opportunities for people with health conditions and disabilities.

Recruitment & Vetting

Training & Qualifications

Our training services enable us to provide the best possible service and customer care at all times. With training programs and internships in a range of areas, we help increase the knowledge and practical skills needed to acquire industry-standard qualifications.

Training & Qualifications