Event Medics

We recognise the challenge of providing event medics for pre-hospital care at events. With our medical staff on-site your venue is more appealing to attendees, safe in the knowledge that they will be well-taken care in the event of an emergency.

Event Medics Supporting Your Event

Our flexible team is prepared and available to meet the requirements of any size event. With our wide-reaching network of employees, we can deliver event medical solutions of the highest standards across the UK.

All of our staff are fully qualified and experienced medics with a wealth of knowledge gained from in working within private, public, voluntary first aid and ambulance sectors.

What To Expect

Event medical coverage is certainly a very different business to standard emergency medical services. Working under vastly different circumstances, the caregiver needs exceptional focus, and also, strong communication skills.

We have, not only an operational focus but also, a big educational drive, with the aim of ensuring we can provide tailored services that meet the needs of all clients and their customers.

Our event medical teams cover services such as:

  1. Event Medics/First-Aiders (Standard, Intermediate & Advanced)
  2. Emergency Medical Technicians (Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care Technicians)
  3. Paramedics
  4. Doctors and Nurses
  5. On-site treatment Facilities
  6. Ambulance services

We can supply medics for events such as:

Sports Events

From athletics to Zumba, whatever your sporting event, we can provide the cover that you need.

Equestrian Events

We can cover events such as carriage driving & showjumping.


From music festivals to rallies, be they a day or a week in duration, we have got you covered. Our festival medical teams can range from a small team of event first-aiders to a full medical practitioner-led team.

Our onsite medical treatment facilities provide 24/7 cover. In addition, we can provide the cover you need during the set-up and break-down period.

Club Medics

We can provide medical staff for your nightclub, casino, or at parties, in addition to other entertainment venues. Having skilled medical staff on-site enables your door/security staff to concentrate on their primary role of securing your premises as well as preventing trouble. Our staff can also ‘babysit’ customers until they are sober enough to be put into a taxi/friend’s car and taken home.

Corporate Events

Supplying first aid &/or medical cover for your corporate event, we can provide hi-visibility event medical personnel, or more covert, as required.