Washroom Services

Having clean restroom areas and washroom facilities speaks volumes about how your business is run. Our facilities management washroom services team will help to take that burden off your shoulders.

A Pleasant Environment

It is important to maintain and stock your washrooms regularly in order to create a pleasant environment and ensure that these areas are giving a positive reflection of the company's values.

Firstly, we work with our clients to ensure that the specific needs of staff and visitors are met. Regularly servicing restroom areas is necessary for fulfilling a duty of care in providing clean, hygienic facilities and ensuring they are always accessible.

To make your visitors welcome, we work diligently to keep well-maintained washrooms throughout the premises. Furthermore, we ensure that all facilities are working properly and are easy to use. The health and happiness of visitors and employees is our top priority. We minimise the spread of germs with antibacterial products and also, touch-free systems.

Full Facilities Management Washroom Services & Supplies

Various facilities management washroom services are available, such as:

  1. Air Care Services
  2. Baby Changing Services
  3. Consumables Services
  4. Hand Dryers
  5. Dispensing Services
  6. Hand Care Services
  7. Hygiene Waste Services
  8. Medical Services
  9. Sanitary Bin Services
  10. Urinal Services
  11. Vending Machine Services
  12. Water Control Services

We also provide supplies such as:

  1. Soap Dispensers
  2. Hand Sanitisers
  3. Sanitary Units
  4. Toilet Roll
  5. Sanitary Bag Dispensers
  6. Surface Sanitisers.

Stambridge Group Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Door Supervision and Security Guarding.