Employment Policies

Stambridge Group has no specific preconditions when it comes to our selection process. Regional career opportunities are available in areas such as facilities management, security and medical services, among others.

Regional Career Opportunities

What We Expect

We hire staff with a good knowledge of customer service, a polite and professional attitude, and the ability to provide services in a competent and controlled manner.

We expect all staff to uphold high standards whilst working on an assignment. On or off duty, you represent our company. Therefore, it is essential that all of our employees always act in a professional, polite, and helpful manner. Similarly, guidelines on dress code and standards of behaviour should be followed closely. Our staff are never to use inappropriate language or display a negative attitude at work.

Employees need to be competent in their role and make sure they understand fully what their position requires. If you do not know then be sure you ask.

Basic Requirements

It is your responsibility as an employee to book on and off duty. If you forget to clock in and out your hours may not be logged and as a result, you may lose pay. Any overtime must be authorised otherwise it will not be recorded.

For more information, please also read the following documents:

  1. Disciplinary Procedure
  2. Dress Policy
  3. Drugs Policy
  4. Health and Safety Policy
  5. Social Media Policy

Other Information

Rates of pay vary, depending on the assignment, position, and also qualifications.

Processing of payments can take up to 28 days.