The Return Of Events

A look back at how the events industry was affected by Covid-19 and what Stambridge Group did to adapt & ensure we stayed operational.

The Return Of Events…

As the world begins to fall into its ‘new normal’, we take some time to look back over the past two years & how completely the events industry was affected.

What Changed?

Many event leaders came up with creative & innovative ways to hold their events in some format, which included: -

  1. Virtual attendance – this was by far the most popular route for organisers to take & allowed exhibitors & visitors to communicate via an interactive platform.
  2. Live-streamed events & concerts – many organisers & artists came together to continue delivering music & art to the world; with the likes of Glastonbury & Radio 1’s Big Weekend hosting Covid-safe concerts & festivals that could be streamed live to your home.
How Did It Affect Us?

There wasn’t one area of the events industry that was unaffected by Coronavirus & the restrictions that came with it.

Not only were all person-to-person events immediately canceled, but we were also left with the uncertainty as to when they would come back… we always knew the events sector would be one of the last to return.

Many industries within events had to restructure their business, put their heads together & come up with ways to continue operating & keep staff employed.

As a company, we were extremely fortunate to have relationships already established with local councils & clients that required an increase in manpower, supporting hospital operations & vaccination programmes; our Facilities Management division were able to put their skills & expertise to use as we offered COVID-19 Cleaning packages alongside our regular contracts & duties.

We took the time to grow & expand our internal team, developing departments & services such as our Training facility & Control Room operations.

Where Do We Go From Here?

As the vaccination process continues gaining unbelievable momentum & the UK opens back up with many events being given the ‘green light’ to proceed, we find ourselves quickly thrust into Festival Season… & it’s not just our normal Festival Season, we find ourselves appointed as official contractors to various new festivals & outdoor events, with business better than ever!

Many organisers & venues are putting extra focus on delivering more events than we’ve ever had before & we strongly advise you keep your finger on the pulse & take a leaf out of our book… now is not the time to stand still, make the most of each & every opportunity that presents itself!