Mental Health First Aid In The Workplace

We are committed to increasing awareness of mental health issues in the workplace. Our training course and a handy staff app help to ensure the team is conscientious and well-prepared for instances that can come up on the job.

Introducing Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace

Why do we need Mental Health First Aiders?

We all have something in common & it doesn’t matter what industry you work in or how successful you might be…

Mental Health, whether it be good or bad is something that affects us all at some point in life & some of the more frequent causes can be directly linked to the workplace.

Introducing & supporting the role of Mental Health First Aiders can help to provide guidance, help & understanding, not only to the intentions of an employer, but also, the options & support available for staff in general.

What is the Role of a Mental Health First Aider?

Mental Health First Aiders will develop & gain the skills & knowledge to be able to identify, begin understanding & helping someone that might be experiencing a mental health issue, regardless of how big or small.

The result of Mental Health First Aid training won’t help to teach the skills required to become a therapist, but it will help develop listening & responding & may potentially help in preventing a crisis from taking place.

The role will ensure that if the need to approach one of our Mental Health First Aid Ambassadors arises, the company will then be made aware of a problem in order to help & support employees.

Our Commitment to Ongoing Support…

Stambridge Group has recently invested heavily into improving & developing our Mental Health in the Workplace programme, with a lot of new material & support soon to be available, including a dedicated platform on our bespoke staff app.

We have now held a Mental Health First Aid course at our Head Office, in attendance were various key personnel, clients & partners.

Our training department is in the process of arranging ongoing Mental Health First Aid training for a wider network of staff.

We take the health & wellbeing of our employees extremely seriously & recognise that many improvements can be made. We remain dedicated to working with our employees & together, creating a safe & happy work environment.