Meet The Team

We would like to introduce you to some of our members of staff and give you an idea of what makes them tick. Here, they answer questions on their lifestyle, skills & talents, & the things that they enjoy the most.

Meet The Stambridge Team

We have many valuable team members at Stambridge Group, from our Security professionals to members of the FM team & office personnel.

As a business, we feel it’s important to acknowledge how each member of staff plays an integral part in ensuring the company's success & we’d love for you to get to know them a little more!

Let us introduce you to Paula Binding-Reeve…

Paula has worked as part of our Facilities Management team over at Beaumont Court for over two years now, she makes site patrols & building checks, deals with various contractors & maintenance & problem-solving issues across the site as part of the varied duties carried out in a typical day.

Paula, what skills would you say you’ve developed since working at Beaumont Court?

“I’ve learned how to repair barriers & programme fobs.”

And what skills do you feel you’ve brought to the role?

“I feel that my past experience in security & management has helped in various ways.”

If you could learn a new skill or take on a new role, what would that be?

“I’d like to start volunteering with the Samaritans.”

Paula has become involved in various fund-raising projects at Beaumont Court & has been instrumental in arranging fun days…

What would you say your favourite food is?

“I’d have to say Indian food.”

Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents?

“Yes, I enjoy painting when I can & my secret talent is pyrotechnics.”

What would you say your favourite season is?

“I like the Autumn, being Northern, the cold weather doesn’t really bother me.”

What do you feel are some of your biggest achievements at work?

“I’d have to say the events we’ve been able to put on & making everyone feel like they are part of a community.”