Cleaning Hacks

Some simple tips and tricks to make light work of those difficult cleaning jobs. Our cleaning team not only have expert knowledge and perform to the highest level in the industry, but also know a few great hacks for the more troublesome chores around the house.

Cleaning Tips & Tricks


Any hints or tips provided are not tried & tested on all surfaces, we would always advise test cleaning an area to ensure damage is not caused.

As a professional cleaning facilities team, we always take pride in the work we carry out. We treat every job as if we were cleaning our own homes.

We are often asked for hints & tips on removing stubborn stains, reviving surfaces & bringing things in the home back to life...

So, we thought we’d share a few hints & tips we’ve picked up along the way!

How to unclog your showerhead…

Mix equal parts of white vinegar with water. Pour the mixture into a plastic bag & tie the bag around the showerhead, ensuring it is fully immersed in the liquid inside.

Allow to soak for approximately 1 hour, then remove & wipe.

Bringing cloudy glassware back to life…

Soak in vinegar for approximately 5 minutes, rinse & dry! It’s as simple as that!

How to make an all-purpose cleaner…

This cleaner has been recommended for most kitchen counters & appliances. Combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quarter warm water & hey presto!

Getting stains out of the chopping board…

This is one of the easiest yet!

Run the cut side of a lemon over your board, this will not only help to remove stains but smells also!

Remove coffee stains from your favourite cups…

Squirt your regular washing liquid into the cup & mix with a little baking soda, clean as normal, rinse & dry!