When supplying medical management services, planning, preparation, and execution of a medical team's role need careful consideration at each individual site. Our medical management teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are capable of fully managing operations at events of all kinds.

Medical Management Services

Knowledge & Experience

The vast majority of events need personnel on hand in case of accidents, emergencies, and also, any safety issues that may arise. The organisers of these events need to be sure that there are experienced teams of responders and caregivers on-hand, ready to take action.

We work with you to cover all bases in managing an event's medical requirements and strive to maximise efficiency and safety elements of each unique site. Furthermore, we can provide a tailor-made service, covering all aspects of managing the medical requirements of different events.

Excellent Professional Standards

We supply health care teams to our clients, with a focus on giving top class pre-hospital care. Our teams of qualified first-aiders, GMC doctors, HCPC paramedics, and IHCD trained emergency medical technicians are all fully managed. This ensures any medical situations are prepared for and responded to promptly.

In short, we assist our clients in planning and supplying resources for their events by providing specialist critical care teams, experts in safety and emergency management, equipment, and vehicles to suit.

Management Specialists

We specialise in providing medical management services for festivals, concerts, motorsport events, athletics, street fairs, as well as movie & television productions. Furthermore, we specially select our staff based on professional experience, current clinical knowledge, compassion, and ability to communicate with a diverse range of people and communities.

Our management teams help staff set up for success by ensuring they have all the equipment they need to for proper compliance and consistency. In addition, a variety of services are made available to provide responsible and reliable solutions to medical emergencies.

We have many resources for managing medical teams at any events.

Services such as:

  1. Medical Staffing
  2. Equipment/Supplies
  3. Communications
  4. Treatment Facilities
  5. Bicycle Teams
  6. Support Vehicles
  7. Command & Control
  8. Full-Service Solutions