Social Media

As social media has grown into such a powerful tool for businesses, we share our approach to keeping a strong online presence across multiple platforms.

Stambridge & Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm with various apps & platforms becoming available over recent years & it’s no secret that companies have come to rely upon its many benefits in promoting a business.

What are the benefits?

With our unique interactive app, we can have constant communication with staff on-site, but social media helps us connect with them on a larger scale; we encourage input from employees across a range of platforms.

We regularly run polls, discussion threads, & share videos & images of the latest shows & events we have covered.

Social media allows us to share news & updates with clients, providing live & current information along with organic content across all areas of business.

Furthermore, we can easily monitor our performance & growth with monthly analytical comparisons, feedback & reviews from staff, clients, & members of the public.

What kind of things do we share?

Latest Assignments

Find updates on our events, newly awarded contracts, & also information & images of work carried out post-event.

Training Updates

Keeping you posted on the latest courses offered at our training center, along with news on qualifications and licencing.

Staff Profiles

Employees' latest efforts are highlighted as well as the important roles they play in the business.

Newsletter & Blog

Take a peek into what’s new at Stambridge, check out our newly introduced monthly newsletter & also, our blog, of course!

Where can you find us?

You can currently find us on:

What are our plans for the future?

We are always encouraged by the progression of social media & the speed of its development, & thus, what is yet to come in terms of new possibilities excites us.

Among our latest ideas, we plan on adapting our posts to make them more interactive, along with staff & client feedback & reviews.

We are constantly putting our heads together to develop plans further & ensure that our content remains fresh, current, & informative.

We love to hear your comments so feel free to get in touch via one of the links!

Stambridge Group Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Door Supervision and Security Guarding.